What Not to Do / What to Do Here

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What Not to Do / What to Do Here

Post by anujdarji on Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:34 am

What Not to Do / What to Do Here

To make this Section More Helpful and user Friendly I suggest You guys Follow these Rules . These Rules are only Applicable on This Section .If you Don't maintain the Rules I might Delete / Report your Post toMods. So, Please Pay Attent

*.1] Do not ask about mobile price / compare here goto Free talk*.
2] Don't Request App / Game here ask on Resource section*.
3] Don't Request Crack here*.
4] There is no Such thing as WiFiHaking method*.
5] You can't Run J2me app on 4.XX*.
6] Make Proper Title. "Help Me" like title are useless and annoying

You Can ask all the Technical / Application Issues Here . We'll Try our best to answer your Question.And Making Good Tutorial is very much welcome here


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